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About Guasbu

We love Creating stories!

And we love sharing them!

Guasbu Media is on a quest to develop and produce fresh content that will be meaningful and useful to people of all ages and all walks of life.

Mission Statement

To develop and offer superior creative
products that encourage, enlighten,
amuse, and inform.


…still being written….much more to come!

December 31, 2021: The Adventures of Fluffy Cheeks, Fluffy Ears and Fluffy Tail is officially published!

Spring/Summer 2021: Guasbu’s 2nd children’s book goes to the illustrator and first novel is chosen for publication.

February 1, 2021: Guasbu is born and ready to greet the world! First book is also launched, with many more books planned for publication in the near future.

2020: First project, Daisy Daisy: A Story of Purpose is confirmed and put into production.

2017-2020: Concept incubation/gestation period.

2017: The vision for Guasbu Media was first conceived. (Story to be shared at a later time). 🙂

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