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Summer/Fall 2022-Winter/Spring 2023:

Quinton Coetzee/Unsplash
  • Lots going on here at Guasbu! Currently in the works: three novels, two children’s books, a new YA series, a blog & much more!!
  • Author Book Signings/Library/School Visits: Interested in having the author of our children’s books visit your library, school, or place of business? Just use the Contact Form and be sure to provide us with your details: name, phone number, email, name of your library/school/business, address, possible dates, etc. 
  • Would you like to see Daisy Daisy & Fluffy Cheeks in hardback form? Please let us know by using the Contact Form. We’d love to hear from you!

Winter/Spring 2022: The Adventures of Fluffy Cheeks, Fluffy Ears and Fluffy Tail is now available on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes&Noble, BooksAMillion & other online booksellers!

Anyone up for an adventure full of twists and turns, ups and downs? Dive in and enjoy a frolicsome story about the courage and perseverance of the three Fluffy Bunny brothers.

TullipStudio’s darling illustrations brings the Fluffy Bunny brothers to life!

Spring/Summer 2021: It’s official! Daisy Daisy: A Story of Purpose has surpassed our goals and expectations! Many thanks to the readers who have sent us messages about what Daisy’s little story has meant to them! Thank you too for the sweet pictures some of you have sent of you and your book! Your support and enjoyment means the world to us and has reinforced our mission to provide readers with rich and meaningful material. Available at Amazon (Kindle & Paperback), Walmart, Barnes&Noble, BooksAMillion & other online booksellers!

February 1, 2021:
We are absolutely thrilled to announce the publication of our very first book!! What better way is there to begin our life as an imprint than by publishing a book for children? Daisy Daisy, A Story of Purpose is both delightful and profound. It is sure to touch hearts and is destined to become one of those special stories that is shared throughout the generations.

Daisy Riding On Tractor

February 1, 2021: After years of dreaming and planning, we finally have lift off! Guasbu Media is now officially launched! We look forward to providing the world quality and meaningful content. We are super excited about the dozens of projects we have lined up and in queue for production. We are still in our infant stage, but we enthusiastically anticipate rapid growth and development into a mature and reliable source of entertainment and edification. Please stay tuned for future happy announcements!

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